Stacey Eliason - Musician/Educator

Sunday, April 15. 5:30 pm
Invitational Horn Recital at Edmonds Community College
Black Box Theater  (Mukilteo Hall)
Free. Donations accepted

Music includes....
Adagio and Allegro   ( R, Schumann)
       Ben Withey
Sonata for horn and piano (LV Beethoven)
       NIcholas Yoon
Nocturno, op. 7  ( F. Strauss)
        Mark Robbins
Melody in C   (Gessel)
        Ben Gessel
Villanelle (Dukas)
      Rand Carter

Stacey Eliason, Faculty Recital
Gershwin and the composers who outlived him: Piano music from the past 100 years

Monday, Aprl 16, 7:30pm
Black Box Theater, EdCC

Macedonian Mountain Dance, op.144            Alan Hovhaness
Visionary Landscapes , op.214                       (1911-2000)
           V. Midnight Bell

The Four other Preludes                                 George Gershwin
        Novelette in Fourths 1919                       (1898-1937)
        Rubato 1923
        Fragment 1925
        Melody 1925-26

Piano Suite from “Lincoln” 2012                 John Williams
      The People’s House
      Getting out the Vote
      With Malice Toward None

Two Motivic Etudes 2017    **Premiere**   Darren Mitchell

Monday, April 23,   7:30 pm  2018
Invitational Horn Recital II. 
Music and Arts, Bothell

Pheonix  Sonata (Anothony Di Lorenzo)
     Ben Gessel, horn
Trumpet Concerto      (Artunian)
     Guest trumpet player: Kai Decker

Thank you to all who came out to see the
Choppers Brass Quintet at the Washington State Capitol!

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