Stacey Eliason - Musician/Educator
Edmonds Community College Horn Ensemble 
Thank you for a wonderful 6 years! I am no longer teaching at Edmonds Community College. as of March 2019. Feel free to look me up at one of my other teaching locations.

The Invitational recitals will continue. See "Upcoming Performances" for info.

Teaching locations....

Marysville, WA
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Music and Arts, Bothell, WA
Mondays and Wednesdays

"The Art of Effective Practicing"
Dr. Peter Hamlin, Gonzaga U.
Handouts below from his presentation at WMEA, Feb. 12, 2016

Contact: 3liason(at) or
(425) 328-9805
Practice Effective Practicing

My students use "Better Practice App" and "Google Keep"
The summer students piloted these and they have really upped our game. I'm using them now, too, in MY practicing and will require them of all students this fall.

Loaner Horns
are available for short term use by my students. Check out must happen at your regular lesson. Rates vary  $10-$20 per rental.

Here is a link to free, printable staff paper.
No excuses!  Click here for a metronome to practice with.
Students interested in is a great site listing opportunities