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January 14-16, 2024

Chicago, IL

Long weekend of workshop, woodshed, recording and informal performances.


February 2024

Dates TBA

Music of the Great Migration. Black Composers and Songwriters of mid-century mid-America: Thomas A. Dorsey, Florence Price,  Louis Armstrong, Lil Hardin Armstrong.

Northwest Horn Symposium

April 12-14, 2024

Washington State U.

Watch for my performance and presentation schedule.  You can also catch me at my vendor booth.

April , 2024

Inspired by Art and Architecture

Holy Names Music, Spokane

Program Includes..

Skyscrapers of Jeanne Gang ....B. Gessel

Van  Gogh en Provence........ P.  Fontaine

     II. Aubade

New Composition by Joanna Ross Hersey


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